Curriculum Intent

This course is for students who wish to develop their knowledge and practical skills in the performing arts. It is designed with both practical and theoretical elements, which will prepare students for further qualifications in performing arts, drama, dance, music, media studies, film studies and art and design. They will have the opportunity to experience a range of different disciplines within the arts whilst learning about the whole industry as a business.  

Programmes of Study

The course is split up into 3 Units.

  • Unit 1: Unlocking Creativity
  • Unit 2: Performance/Production
  • Unit 3: The Performing Arts Experience

Marking and Assessment

Unit 1: Unlocking Creativity:
This unit assesses the theoretical content of the learner's chosen discipline (performance or production). Learners will demonstrate core knowledge and understanding of the following:

  • Research
  • Idea development
  • Transferable skill of communication.

Unit 2: Performance/Production:
This unit provides the opportunity for learners to be assessed on the theoretical content of a holistic production or performance, both as an individual and as a member of a group.

  • A key performance or production role in a performance based on one of five performance briefs
  • Transferable skill of teamwork

Unit 3: The Performing Arts Experience:
Core knowledge and understanding of the following:

  • Roles and responsibilities within the performing arts industry
  • The role of performing arts in society
  • Approaches to rehearsal
  • Working as a deviser/performer/director
  • Marketing and public relations
  • Health and safety
  • Design and technical elements
  • Reviewing performance
  • Theatre/film in education.

All work will be marked and assessed according to the department and exam board policy


Unit 1 & 2 are marked internally and recordings sent to the exam board for moderation.  Unit 3 is 1.5hr Paper which is taken in the summer term.

Revision Guides/Supporting Resources

All revision guides are provided in school however the GCSE Bitesize for Drama covers similar topics and areas.

Staff Details

Mrs McLeod – Head of Department
Miss Heywood Connor – Teacher of Performing Arts
Mrs Murray – Teacher of Music and Performing Arts

Careers and Progression

This course provides a step towards level 2 and level 3 study of performing arts, media make up and music as part of further education. 
Please note to study music at level 3, most colleges will ask for official grading in an instrument – check with individual colleges about this specific entry requirement. 
The course thoroughly prepares students for the world of work and future courses in further and higher education by developing key skills like communication, teamwork and creativity. 
Future employment directly related to this course can include, acting, choreography, dancing and teaching.