Curriculum Intent

The Expressive Arts Department at WLD aims to develop individuality; to encourage students to think and express themselves with flair and confidence and to encourage tolerance and understanding. Students are given opportunities through practical role-play and written drama activities to experience the world around them and begin to appreciate situations from more than one perspective. Through drama, we encourage students to question and challenge their perception of the world and develop the soft skills employers seek:

  • Confidence & Communication - A command over their vocal and physical skills to allow them to approach a wide range of public speaking with confidence
  • Concentration - Working on intricate projects over extended periods of time
  • Empathy & sensitivity - Understanding the viewpoints and emotions of a range of characters
  • Co-operation & team-work skills - Getting the best out of each other when striving towards a common goal
  • Commitment & self-discipline - Encouraged and helped to excel when challenged, developing resilience and grit
  • Creativity - An understanding of the benefits of participation in the arts, performance and creativity during their time with us at Parklands and throughout their lives.
  • Evaluation & appreciation - An appreciation of the ways in which playwrights achieve their effects and communicate their intentions to an audience and an ability to evaluate their own and others’ work.


Programmes of Study


Marking and Assessment

Students are continually assessed lesson by lesson on their progress according to the Drama Progress Ladder.  This may be given in the form of verbal feedback, peer and self-assessments or a more formal written assessment by the teacher at the end of each half term.


There are no examinations in Drama until students reach KS4


Staff Details

Mrs McLeod – Head of Department

Mrs Heywood Connor – Teacher of Performing Arts

Careers and Progression

This course provides a foundation for students to study GCSE Drama at KS4. The course builds skills that are relevant to the world of work and future study at further and higher education levels.

Progress Ladder - Drama