The Governing Body

The Governing Body is made up of representatives of stakeholders of the school, including representatives of parents, staff and the local community. The Governing Body meets every term.

There are 2 committees of the Governing body:

Staffing & Resources - this considers all matters related to staffing and the physical and financial resources of the school.

Curriculum & Student Welfare - this considers all matters related to teaching and learning, achievement and the pastoral care of students.

A copy of the terms of reference for each of these committees can be obtained from the school.

There are a range of other committees which meet occasionally as the need arises. 


Review of Governance:  In the summer of 2019 Lorimer Hayes, National Leader of Governance, carried out a thorough review of the school's governing body.  She made a small number of recommendations to further improve the work of the governing body and the action plan is in the documents below.  

Governing Body documents