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23rd April 17

to Walton-le-Dale
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 'This is a school where every individual student is valued equally' Ofsted 2014





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Walton-le-Dale High School Celebrating 60 Years


2017 sees the school celebrate its 60th Year.  To mark this occasion, we will be holding an open day for current and past students and staff on Thursday 6th July.   As part of the open day we are hoping to create a museum hall with examples of old exercise books and work along with a memories wall where we can share memorable experiences of your time working or studying at the school.  Further details of the event will be shared via our website over the coming months.  If you do have any items or memorabilia which you would donate to the museum (they will be returned after the exhibition) or you would like to share your memories, then please contact:



National Cross country championships


Congratulations to Sam Hodkinson who took part in the national cross country championships recently. The competition took place in Norwich.  We are told that Sam learned a lot from his trip and made new friends.  He came 100th out of a field of 345 in the race - with a very similar time to those placed above him -   and improved his personal best.  The team coach reported that Sam was a credit to his family and his school in the way that he conducted himself.

Well done Sam.

Gymnastics Success this year....


All year Walton-le-Dale’s Gymnastics squad have been training hard, break times, lunch times and after schools. On the 28th January three of our teams competed in the North West Regional finals in the Milano competition. All three of  teams came first and achieved Gold in their respective categories.

-Under 13 Boys

-Under 13 Mixed

-Under 16 Mixed

This was a fantastic result and meant that they qualified to represent the North West at the National Finals in Stoke on Trent at the National Gymnastics Competition Venue, Fenton Manor. On the 10th and 11th of March our teams travelled to Stoke to compete against some of the best young gymnasts in the country. After a tough two days of competing their individual routines, group routines and vault they achieved the following:

U16 Mixed-achieved 2nd place winning Silver as a team combined with the other school team from the North West they Achieved Gold as a region-for the second year running!

U13 Mixed team –came fourth overall, missing out on a medal by 1.08!

U13 Boys-came 10th this is a fantastic result for their first National finals.

These teams have also qualified for the Floor and Vault National finals in May and are currently training very hard to achieve similar results!! We wish them luck.


National Gymnastic Finals




We received this letter from the organisers:


.I am writing to congratulate you personally on your school’s outstanding achievement of 2nd place in the Under 16 Mixed, 4th place in the Under 13 Mixed and 9th place in the Under 13 Boys at the British Schools Gymnastics Milano Team National Finals this weekend in Stoke on Trent.  The gymnasts from Walton-Le-Dale High School have done exceptionally well to represent the North West region at the National Finals, and to achieve these placings is an amazing outcome;  I am sure it is a proud moment for you, your staff and all of your pupils at Walton-Le-Dale High School.

I wanted to make you aware that your school also contributed to the North West region being ranked 1st in the Under 16 Mixed category overall.

The gymnasts performed extremely well, which is reflective of the hard work and dedication that has resulted in such a successful outcome.  The gymnasts also demonstrated an exceptional level of teamwork, and were inspirational to other teams at the event. 

Lancashire Cross-country championships



Well done to our 2 finishers in the recent Lancashire championships.The conditions were atrocious but our students - Sam and Katie - did not give up.....

....Sam came fourth and will now represent Lancashire. Congratulations Sam.


Holocaust Memorial Day


To commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day this year 14 Walton le Dale High School students took part in a live webcast with Mala Tribich along with other schools and organisations across the globe. Mala is a 'Holocaust survivor' who experienced it first hand.

 "We were all truly inspired and touched by Mala's story, she is a truly remarkable woman thank you for sharing".

Holocaust Memorial Day


A large group of students and staff spent their lunchtime commemorating the Holocaust on friday 27th January. The event was organsied by our Amnesty International group, and included the reading of poetry and a period of silent reflection.





Community Christmas Party


Last week also saw the annual Christmas Party in which we invite guests from local care homes, Sue Ryder and grandparents. They are fed and entertained by students at the school. This year we were also delighted to have a local string quartet entertain the guests.

Annual Santa Dash


The annual Santa Dash took place last week and raised £290 for St Catherine's Hospice.

Well done to all those who took part.

Gymnastics success


Congratulations to Amy Shorrock whose Gymnastics team won a major competition on the Isle of Man, returning with 2 gold medals, 1 silver and 2 bronze medals. Amy also won gold on the beam.


Well done Amy.



Parents / Carers,

A reminder that from the start of the spring term all payments to the school need to be completed through ParentPay (or standing order for bus passes).

This includes 'DINNER MONEY' as students will no longer be able to pay cash into a machine. It is therefore important that the student's ParentPay account is regularly checked.

Further information can be obtained from Mrs Eckersley, Business Manager at the school.

Year 7 Netball


Netball results for 5 December

There was plenty to be impressed with from both teams again this week. The first team won all their games once again and the second team won one and lost two. The second team fought to the end again and should be really proud.

First team results:
Won 2-1 against Penwortham Girls.
Won 17-0 against Penwortham Priory 2.
Won 9-0 against our second team.

Second team results:
Won 9- 0 against Penwortham Priory 1
Lost 12- 2 against Wellfield
Lost 9-0 against our first team.

Overall a fantastic set of results that they should all be proud of.



Year 7 Netball Results for 28 November 2016


After half a term of intense training and commitment, the girls showed it had paid off last night with some fantastic results. Teachers and parents were impressed with the gameplay and the enthusiasm of the girls. The results were as follows:

1st team:


Won 7-0 against Lostock Hall

Won 9-0 against Wellfield

Won 17-0 against Penwortham Priory 1

Won 4-2 against Worden

2nd team:

Lost against Penwortham Girls 3-0

Won 7-1 against Penwortham Priory 2

Lost against Worden 2-1

Won against Lostock Hall 4-0

We would like to congratulate the 2nd team as well who never gave up when they went behind, and showed real determination to succeed. Our opponents struggled to get the ball past our solid defence to even attempt a shot! A huge well done to both teams, we are looking forward to the matches on the 5th December.

Dance Festival 2016


On Wednesday 16th November 18 of our students took the stage at Preston Guild Hall to perform in the Lancashire Schools Dance Festival once again.  The theme of the festival was "Once Upon A...." and the dance group did a wonderful job of telling the story of "Snow White and the Huntsman".  The performance went extremely well and teachers, parents, carers and friends who came to watch were very impressed with the fantastic level of professionalism on the night.  A huge well done to all the performers for their hard work during rehearsals and a stunning performance at the Guild Hall.


Teddy Bear protest


November 2016

Our Amnesty International group recently organsied a teddy bear protest in our garden to protest on behalf of Syrian refugees and against the conflict in Syria. TWO HUNDRED teddy bears were part of the protest. The group made the following announcement:

'In light of the recent teddy bear protests across the world and to unite against Assads' horrific war crimes on the lives of many innocent children in Aleppo , we at Amnesty at Walton wish to stage our own Teddy bear campaign. This is to raise awareness of the 100,000 children currently living in Aleppo . Assad has openly told media that his intentions are  to cleanse the city and keep cleansing it until he's wiped it clean ! Chemical weapons have been used and many children have lost lives. Those living there are in constant danger, poverty and suffering horrific trauma .
Rather than waste these teddy bears we are hoping to send them to 'teddies for Syria ' , a charity organisation who take teddies and soft toys to children in Syria'.




November 2016

Congratulations to our Under 14 Badminton team who are runners up in South Ribble, narrowly losing in the final 3-2 with the final match being 15-13.

Well done to Matthew, Daniel, Adam and Josh.

Y7 Hothersall Lodge trip


Parents of Y7 should receive a letter giving details of the trip. This can also be found in the LETTERS section of the website.

Dance Festival 2016


On Wednesday 16th November 18 of our students took the stage at Preston Guild Hall to perform in the Lancashire Schools Dance Festival once again.  The theme of the festival was "Once Upon A...." and the dance group did a wonderful job of telling the story of "Snow White and the Huntsman".  The performance went extremely well and teachers, parents, carers and friends who came to watch were very impressed with the fantastic level of professionalism on the night.  A huge well done to all the performers for their hard work during rehearsals and a stunning performance at the Guild Hall.


Great Britain Team Olympic Parade, Manchester 2016


Gifted and Talented pupils from PE experienced a memorable evening when they came face to face with some of the biggest names in sport - the British Olympic Team and British Para-Olympic Team.

The group were inspired by the dedication and determination shown by the athletes in achieving the country's historic medal haul at the Rio Olympics. May be one day one of our Gifted and Talented pupils represent the nation just as their sporting heroes did in Rio!

Geography Field trip


Year 11 Geographers enjoyed a day in glorious sunshine in Bowness on Windermere collecting data for their controlled assessment. As part of their course they are investigating the impact that tourism has on this honeypot site. This involved speaking with visitors about what attracted them to visit Bowness, interviewing local businesses about how important tourism is to them, investigating which were the busiest places for tourists and traffic as well as finding out what attractions are there.

They are now back in the classroom, number crunching and interpreting all our data and findings.



We have received quite a few enquiries this week from Year 6 parents asking how to apply for a place for September 2017.

For those children who live in Lancashire this is straigthforward. You need to apply through the Lancashire website at:




If you complete a written application form you can simply write 'Walton le Dale' as a preference.

If you are using the online system you will need to type 'Walton le Dale' into one of the preference boxes rather than use the drop down menu which only lists Blackburn schools. You can then make your other preferences as normal. You should receive an email confirming your application.

2016 Exam Results


Staff at Walton le Dale were delighted but not surprised to see the shocked face of Melissa Bateman collecting her exam results. As she opened up her envelope her worried frown turned to open mouthed shock ! Melissa’s certificates showed 8 A*s and 2 As, a superb achievement.

Melissa of course was not the only one to achieve outstanding results at Walton le Dale, with other notable excellent results coming from Ben Usher, Zoe Gosling, Harry Mills and Olivia Yeo, for example.  The number of students achieving 5 A-Cs, including English and Maths, is the highest ever and staff were also pleased to see almost every student achieving at least 8 qualifications. This is particularly impressive at a time when national results have declined significantly.

Tony Hill, the Headteacher said:

 ‘Youngsters now face a great challenge in achieving high results as the Government continually change the goal posts and make it more difficult for them to achieve the highest grades. Students have to work harder than ever before. This year group were phenomenal in their work ethic and deserve the results they have achieved.  I am incredibly proud of both them and our staff, not simply because of the results but for their attitude and commitment. It has been a real pleasure to have this set of young people in school and see them grow in so many ways, and then see them rewarded with grades which reflect the excellent progress they have made’.

Melissa and mother !



Exam results for Year 11 students can be collected on THURSDAY 25 August from 9a.m. onwards until 2p.m.

Results will be available from the LIBRARY.



The school has a number of facilities that are available for hire, either on a regular basis or for a one off event:

  • Full sized astroturf 
  • Large sports hall
  • Drama Theatre (with addiitonal drama space)
  • Small dance studio
  • Gym space
  • ICT rooms
  • Classrooms, including those suitable for art classes
  • Music room, including sound proofed 'studio'

If you are interested in using any of our facilities please contact Stacey Eckersley, Business Manager, at the school.

Mobile: 07969497352




Well done to all those involved in the recent version of the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Some of our younger students demonstrated some superb acting skills, the costumes and settings were great, as was the lighting and music.


Well done to all.

Hansel & Gretel


The school choir were invited by Outreach Opera to take part in the opera "Hansel and Gretel" to be performed in the garden at Hoghton Tower on the afternoon of July 17th.

The choir performed as the childrens' chorus in the 3rd Act, where Hansel and Gretel turned the gingerbread children back into real children. During the rehearsals, (some which took place at Bolton University), the choir were asked to perform additional roles such as dancing fairies and moving gingerbread trees).

It was a fabulous experience to perform with professional singers (one of whom was our own singing teacher) and to sing in the open air on a beautiful Sunday afternoon with families and friends picnicking on the grass.

Well done to the students who took part.

2016-17 calendar


The new calendar for parents has been added to the website in the Parents' section.

Prom photographs 2016



If you would like to see the Prom photos they are now available by clicking the following link:


Open Learning Day 2016


Please note a letter to parents and carers regarding our Open Learning Day can be found in the Parents / Letters home section of the website.

Link to web page



We have just received news of two former students who have just gained FIRST CLASS DEGREES. Congratulations to Adam Lee (Maths) and Rebecca Smith (Architecture).

We always love to hear how former students are doing so please contact us using head@waltonledale.lancs.sch.uk

We will try to add this information on the community section of our website.




A fantasic day on Friday with wonderful children taking part in our 'Alice in Wonderland' theme. Children were invited to our version of the story, meeting with characters such as the Mad Hatter, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, the White Rabbit and so on. They also ate at the Tea Party, made a playing card army, made and stole their own jam tarts, and took part in the Jack of Hearts' trial. Other children had the chance to play croquet (without using flamingoes) or be entertained by Maths staff in 'Alice in Numberland'.



An amazing Prom on Thursday23 June with over 100 students attending. As ever all the students looked stunning and enjoyed a very relaxed evening, a bit of food and a lot of socialising.

Photos will be available shortly. In the meantime a few group photos have been added to this website in the GALLERY.




MAY 16th 2016

Year 11 (& some Y10) exams start this week. It is a very stressful time for these students and we wish them the best of luck. They have been working incredibly hard in lessons and they deserve every success. Please wish them luck.

Photo: Amy who achieved 10+ A* / A grades in 2015.

Cadet of the Year


Congratulations to Ryan who has been made '2016 Cadet of the Year' for his Air Training Corps squadron.



March 2016

Congratulations to the gymnastics team who came back from the national finals this weekend with one BRONZE medal and ONE GOLD MEDAL.


Well done all; more details to follow in our extra-curricular section.

Hair Consultation feedback


Over the last few months we have been consulting parents, students and staff on student hair colour. Governors met a few weeks ago to discuss this and have decided to retain the current policy. A letter explaining this can be found in the 'Letters Home' section of the website (Parents area)

2016-17 Term Dates


Term dates for 2016-17 academic year have been added to the Parents' section of the website.



For those looking at Performance Tables, please see the REAL RESULTS for the school in EXAM RESULTS.