Due to the pandemic the government cancelled examinations this summer and has issued guidance at the end of March as to how teachers are to assess Year 11 grades this summer.  This page contains the information that parents, carers and students need in order to understand how grades are being assessed this summer.

The official guidance comes from the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) and can be found at https://www.jcq.org.uk/summer-2021-arrangements/.  It references and contains links to additional guidance from Ofqual.  The summary of the guidance provided specifically for parents, carers and students can be found at https://www.jcq.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/JCQ-Guidance-for-Students-and-Parents-on-Summer-2021.pdf - it is worth reading this carefully.

We are following this guidance in a number of stages:

  1. We are required to write a Centre Policy which is the overall guidance document for how we will carry out the assessments at Walton-le-Dale.  This is in the list of documents below and is being submitted to JCQ as required, for their approval along with all other schools and colleges;
  2. We must specify which assessments are going to be used to determine the grade in each subject.  This has been done and you will find them below.  This information has been shared with students and is being shared with you via this webpage; 
  3. We have determined a schedule for the assessments that are being carried out in the coming weeks.  You will find that below and again it has been shared with all students.  In addition, we will send you the Statement of Entry for your son or daughter so that you can see which tier of papers your son or daughter has been entered for (in the subjects which have Higher and Foundation tiers of paper);
  4. We have made sure that all students who are eligible for access arrangements (e.g. additional time, scribe etc...) are receiving them;
  5. If an individual student considers that they are disadvantaged by COVID or by other valid personal circumstances (e.g. serious illness) in one or more of their assessments they need to submit the form provided below ("Request for Adjustments") to the examinations officer, Mrs Riding (exams.officer@waltonledale.lancs.sch.uk), as soon as possible and, in any case, by the end of May.  This enables appropriate adjustments to made during the grading process.
  6. We will then use exemplar material and other guidance provided by the examination boards in the coming weeks to submit a final grade by the 18th June, following extensive internal and external quality assurance (see the details in the Centre Policy).. As with all schools and colleges, this process and our procedures are subject to thorough checking by the examination boards, JCQ and Ofqual.

Should you have any questions about this process, please contact us via exams.officer@waltonledale.lancs.sch.uk.  We fully understand that this a new and unusual process and we are carefully following the national guidance and will be subject to external checking by examination boards, JCQ and Ofqual.

Year 11 Assessment Summer 2021 - overall documents

Year 11 Assessment Summer 2021 - individual subject assessment summary plans