1.    Is it scary on your first day?

Naturally, whatever school you go to, you will feel scared, anxious or worried about your first day. This is because you are about to enter a new surrounding with new people. Don’t worry, you will not be the only person feeling like this and after day 1 you will feel loads better. If however, you still feel worried then please speak to your form tutor, because that is what they are there for.

2.    Can I bring my phone to school?

Yes, you can bring your phone to school, however, you are not allowed to use your phone in any of the school buildings. It must be kept in your bag, on silent or turned off. If we see or hear your phone in school, the teacher will confiscate it. 

3.    What do I do if I am late to school?

If you arrive to school after 9am you must go to D2 and see Mrs Gorrill. You will be given a late mark on the register and will need to complete a break time detention. 

4.    What do I need to bring to school?

You will need a pencil case to keep a pencil, pen, rubber and ruler in. You also need to bring your jotter book to school every day and also a reading book. 

5.    Is the food good? 

There is lots of food to choose from at breaks and lunches. You can choose to get your lunch from the canopy or the dining hall. You can also bring a packed lunch if you like. 

6.    What should I do if I lose something? 

Firstly, re-trace your steps and check in the recent places you have been. Ask your form tutor if anyone has handed it to them. Check lost property. If you still can’t find it tell your form tutor. It is really important to label everything you bring to school with your name! That way, if you do miss-place something, it will get back to you quicker. 

7.    Can I wear jewellery? 

You may wear a wrist- watch and 1 pair of small stud earrings. You should not have any other piercings on jewellery on in school. 

8.    Will I get lost? 

On your first day, we will give you a map of the school and take you round on a tour. It is quite normal to get a little lost. If you do, don’t panic! Just ask and someone will help you get to the right place. 

9.    Can you go home for lunch?

No. You must stay on the school premises at break and lunch time. 

10.    Will I make friends? 

Yes. Lots of students comment on how we are like a family here at WLD so don’t worry. You will be able to meet your buddy during the first week of school. If you do have any friendship issues please speak to your form tutor who will be able to help you. 

If you have any more questions, please email the Head of Year 7, Mrs Bailey, at e.bailey@waltonledale.lancs.sch.uk