My name is Miss Bailey and I am the Head of Year 7. I am so happy you have chosen this school and I cannot wait to meet and welcome you all to Walton-le-Dale. I understand that moving from primary school to high school is a big change, but do not worry, myself and our wonderful team of Year 7 form tutors will help you settle quickly and make you feel happy in your new chapter at Walton Le Dale.

Watch this space for messages from your new form tutors


My name is Miss Christian and I am a Year 7 form tutor and Head of English at Walton-le-Dale High School.  I love reading and in my spare time I enjoy walking my two rescue dogs Pixie and Deejay.  I also enjoy riding my horse, Summer, and aerial silks.  I have lots of animals including a snake and a bearded dragon called Jerry.  I love working at Walton-le-Dale because I am privileged to be able to work with some amazing students and staff.  

Hello, my name is Mr. Jeffrey and I am 7 Blue’s Form Tutor. I am also an English teacher and love reading and writing. I am obsessed with sport and have always enjoyed reading sport related books, magazines and articles. As you will quickly find out, I am a passionate Arsenal fan and may be annoyingly smug when Arsenal are doing well. However, I may also be a bit grumpy when they have lost a few games! My favourite book is called Fever Pitch by fellow Arsenal fan, Nick Hornby and is about his experiences of supporting the greatest football club in the world! I am looking forward to meeting you and am sure you will have a brilliant time at Walton-Le-Dale High School. See you soon!


Hi I'm Mrs Miller and I'm an Art teacher and also teach Textiles. I am married, have a daughter called Rosemary and a cat called Pippa. In my free time I love running with my club and Parkrun on Saturdays. My favourite colour is red and I love going on holiday to France.