Under these pandemic conditions our usual consultation evenings have to be altered. We are in ongoing communication with parents & carers via Classcharts, email and phone, but we still consider that an organised evening event is useful for each year group.  We will therefore be using some software provided by SchoolCloud, which is being widely used locally and nationally, to enable us to hold these events via video call.  The link for our school is https://waltonledale.schoolcloud.co.uk/

The first of these events was on Wednesday 10th February for Year 9 to inform the options process and it went really well.  The next parents' and carers' evening is on 3rd March and it is for our current Year 7.  Bookings will open on Monday 22nd February at 9am.  Information will be sent out to Year 7 parents and carers early that morning and is below.

It is important to note that each teacher can have about 25 appointments in the course of the evening and the duration of each appointment is fixed.  Some teachers, particularly in the lower years of school, will teach several groups so it is important to prioritise which teachers you wish to speak to.  Please recognise that this is just one way in which we communicate with parents and carers and we are happy to arrange email or telephone feedback from teachers who you may not be able to see.  

Please also note that you can also make appointments to see other relevant staff e.g Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher, SENCO.  It is important not just to book automatically to see "everyone" as you will end up with appointments to see these additional staff as well!  Please check your bookings manually so that you know that you are only going to see the staff who you wish to see!

Parents' & Carers' Evenings