13 May 2021

Our Career's Co-ordinator, Miss Royal, writes

Now virtual work experience options are being offered more and more, I just wanted to share some of our student’s recent feedback from these great opportunities -

"Although lockdown has caused a lot of our lives to be put on hold, the internet is as active as ever. I believe that partaking in virtual work experience during lockdown has been really beneficial and has still allowed me to help make decisions about my future while the world still feels frozen. Springpod have some excellent work experience programs that are flexible, very informative and fun! Springpod have very friendly and helpful team that are always available through email and happy to help, which made the experience much more enjoyable and I felt much more relaxed. I have really enjoyed my time participating in virtual work experience and would 100% recommend it to any students who would like some more information and experience in the potential careers they would like to go into!"   Charlotte Year 10

"I found the virtual work experience through Speakers for Schools to be very informative about the industry I wanted to work in. I also found it very motivating to be around other people who feel the same way about it. I would recommend this to another student, thank you Miss Royal" Bailey Year 11

What was the best thing about the opportunity?
‘When we was able to listen to the speakers and gain advice’
‘It was very well structured and set out so I still got to enjoy my break and have time for my school work along this work experience’
‘Showed me that I don’t want to teach’
‘Working as a team’
‘Learning about what specific companies look for within the sector’
‘Talking to people of all different ages’

Did the experience have any impact on your future career ambitions? 
‘Yes, it has given me an insight into how to progress onto a law career and helped me understand the steps I will need to take. This work experience has inspired me to go into this career and helped me make decisions about the future’
‘Yes, it has given me a better idea of what type of business I would like to work for’
‘Yes, it helped me realise what I could do in engineering as it isn't just construction workers’

Well done to everyone involved!  Keep an eye on our work experience page - https://www.waltonledale.lancs.sch.uk/curriculum/work-experience - for more opportunities....