14 July 2020

Whatever happens, Results Day this year will be different from other years.  Normally it is an informal, crowded event full of students, families and staff celebrating results and planning the future.  With the pandemic underway, whatever we do will have to look very different.

Recent information from Lancashire County Council says "Secondary schools and colleges have been exploring arrangements for results days [...], to balance public health protection alongside the pastoral needs of students. Most schools are currently planning to distribute results electronically, with a small number planning some face-to-face activity."

We do not know what the situation will be with COVID-19 by 20 August and we know that all our students must receive their results on that day. So we will be sending out results by email to each student's school email address at the earliest possible time on that day to follow exam regulations. 

We have a long tradition of offering support to our students and so we want to be available for students and families to come and talk about the way forward if they need to.  We don't yet know whether that can be face to face in a structured, socially distanced way, or whether it will be by phone or video-call.  Either way we will be setting up a dedicated email address for students to contact in order to book appointments for support once they know their results. 

We know that this is a very uncertain time for all of us.  Teachers have worked hard and professionally to calculate grades, which have been carefully checked and standardised at school level.  The examination boards have then statistically adjusted grades across the country.  More information to guide students and parents about this process will be published on this page as we get closer to results day on the 20 August.

Meanwhile, every Year 11 student needs to check that they can access their school email.  Should any passwords need resetting please contact Mr Harvey at school. 

Best wishes to everyone in our community at this uncertain time.

Results Day 2020