7Red have been writing poems and reflections during form time about the thought of the week.  They are about Remembrance and Respect.  Here are some of them.  Many thanks to Miss Hill and 7Red.

by Macie Atkins  7R

Remember how soldiers have fought for us, even though everyone else makes a fuss.
Remember how war is still happening at this very time, even though everyone else just whines. 
What would they think, do they know, when others complain the internet is to slow.
Remember that we all dream, while soldiers risk their lives and scream.
Remember how they did save, and let them rest peacefully in their graves.


A poem put together by 7R 
Never Forget
The Internet has no feelings, it won’t fight for our liberty 
Snapchat and WhatsApp knows nothing of our humanity 
Fortnight and COD will not lay down life
Facebook and Twitter will not toil and strife
What would they think if they could see, those who fought for today’s ‘’social’’ humanity?



by Millie Delafield 7R
Respect is a lesson that everyone should learn.
Respect must be given before an expected return.
Respect is something that is given free.
Respect is about us, never about me.
Respect builds character and defines who we are.
Respect sets the standards and raises the bar.
If we can’t respect each other,
How can we expect others to respect us?
If we can’t respect someone’s beliefs,
How can they respect ours?