Year 9 – Week Beginning 13th July

Please look at the PSHE resources –

Please look at the Weekly Reflection –

If you need to catch up on previous weeks then you will find them at this link -


This week I want you to continue with the PowerPoint you were set last week helping you to study ‘Romeo and Juliet’.  All of the materials you will need are on Teams-please remember to upload your work to the assignment then click submit on Teams.  The slides for this week’s tasks are below:










Complete the starter

Use the videos if needed to remind you of how to do the tasks

Complete one sections from each of the different tasks on percentages

Complete the Mathswatch work

Return your work.



Angles in Polygons

1) Complete starter.

2) Watch the videos on Mathswatch

3) Watch the videos on Mathswatch (again!)

4) Try the questions.

5) Do the Mathswatch task and return all work

6) Enjoy your summer!










DMC – the students have completed the topic P1 energy and will need to complete the last topic review task on SENECA


Biology – Draw a detailed picture of a plant or animal and label some of the key anatomy. If you complete this by 31st July you could enter the national competition here

Complete the last 3 pages of the task set last week on transport in cells

Complete the Seneca assignment ‘13th July’ to revise C1 Model of the Atom and the Periodic Table.

Revision of GCSE topics covered so far. This will be educake tasks.

Details emailed on Monday.

Complete the last 3 pages of the task set last week on transport in cells


Complete the Seneca assignment ‘13th July’ to revise C1 Model of the Atom and the Periodic Table.

Revision of GCSE topics covered so far. This will be educake tasks.

Details emailed on Monday.


DMA – Making sure you have all accessed and completed a task on Seneca. Then setting work to last over the summer.

Details to be sent out by Monday.



Resistant Materials


Food Technology

Now that you have practised using a 2-point perspective drawing technique, you are going to make a final prototype drawing for your shoe box, including the logo for your sports brand.


Tasks this week:

1) Make a drawing of a shoe box. Do this using the skills you have developed in 2-point perspective. You may use the images below to copy if you are not sure.

2) Add your logo to the box the show how your finished shoe box would look, complete with your branding.

3) Compete the ‘'evaluation’ tasks set on Doddle.

4) Finally, write a paragraph to evaluate your shoe box. For example: Is it fit for purpose? Have you followed the process carefully? What was hard? How did you solve problems that you encountered?




1) Using Doddle Learn please watch the interactive powerpoint Environment and Sustainablity 1.

2) Watch the two short video clips on the internet:

3) For the challenge mentioned in the powerpoint rather than your classroom, design a recycling station for use at home – I know we could use one in our house! Draw your designs on paper or using the computer.

4) The powerpoint suggests you read further into environmental issues such as: Greenhouse effect; Greenhouse gasses; Melting of the polar Ice caps and Global warning. Use the internet and talk to people to find out more about these issues which will undoubtedly have a huge impact during your lifetime.

Extension - Never stop thinking about how we as individuals can be more responsible for our environment. Do not make the mistake of thinking only governments can make a difference. It is the cumulative effects of all of us that will help.

Create a ‘Guide to Textiles at WLD’ which could be given to the new Year 7 before starting in September. Create on an A4 piece of paper.

  • What Health & Safety rules do you think they should definitely know?
  • What textiles skills would you recommend them practicing before starting at WLD?
  • Was there anything you wish you had known before starting Textiles?

Illustrate your guide with pictures and diagrams which help to explain your advice.


International Cuisine

Produce your work on a word document and email it to my school email address.

Japanese foods.

What types of traditional food are eaten in Japan?  How are these foods cooked?  What equipment are used to cook these foods? What types of utensils are used to eat food in Japan?  Add pictures and any interesting facts you find.



Ecosystems - Tropical Rainforests


This week you will continue to learn about tropical rainforests.

  • Complete the tasks assigned on Doddle.
  • Read through the information and complete mini quizzes.



The End of WW1


This is the final lesson on our study of WW1. You will be studying the following:

• Why Germany wanted an armistice

• The terms of the armistice

• The impact of WW1

Work your way through the tasks on the powerpoint and word completing the work either on a computer or paper. The work will be emailed to you and also put on TEAMS. Any problems please contact your teacher who will happily help you.



This week you should evaluate your progress in RE then think about how this may help to support your other subjects at GCSE. You should also think about how Re can support future careers. A PowerPoint  will be sent to you and saved in Teams.

Above is a good website with information and video clips about people who have studied RE and their careers. Even if you are not opting for RE at GCSE the skills and knowledge you have developed will be useful in your future so have a look and find out more, You may be surprised. Have a great summer!


Explore: Research the game of Tchoukball. Within this game, shooting is a critical skill. Find a ball that bounces. Stand opposite a wall. How many different ways can you throw the ball against a wall? Can you get the ball to rebound so you don’t have to move. Try throwing the ball with your right hand, your left hand, an underarm throw, an overarm throw, two hands, one hand and a bouncing throw. Which throw gives you the most power and accuracy? Now take three steps back and take three steps before you release the ball. Try jumping before you release the ball, and can you hit the same spot? 


Practice: You will need a family member. Get your family member to throw the ball against a wall, can you catch it before it hits the floor? Swap roles with your family member. How many catches can you make in 1 minute? In this sport, you are allowed three steps before you release the ball. This time repeat the drill but take three steps before you release the ball. Was their more power in your throw?


Develop: Place two boxes either side of you. In this sport, you need to throw the ball at a trampoline like frame and make sure the ball hits the floor before an opponent can catch it. Can you practice your technique and get the ball to land in the box? What kind of throw will you use to increase power, and if it was a trampoline frame? Ensure that the ball hit the floor afterwards. Challenge a family member, how many times can you get the ball into the box compared to them?



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