Year 10 – Week beginning 13th July

Please look at the PSHE resources –

Please look at the Weekly Reflection –

If you need to catch up on previous weeks then you will find them at this link -


This week I want you to continue to look at the revision materials based on ‘Great Expectations’.  All the resources you need to revise this will be displayed as links in the PowerPoint and attached to the assignment on Teams.  Please make sure you submit your work on Teams and upload pictures of your work or documents, so that I can give you the correct feedback.  The slides I want you to focus on this week are below:

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1) Complete all outstanding tasks on HegartyMaths. Please make sure that you are using the videos effectively and using the “Get Help” button on questions where you get stuck.

2) Your teacher will have set you a couple of new tasks to attempt on HegartyMaths

3) In the “Revise” menu at the top of the HegartyMaths screen, go into “Fix Up 5” and do at least one set of Fix up quizzes. This will give you a random selection of questions that you have answered incorrectly over the last 3 weeks. For each one, re-watch the video and try to improve your score for those questions.


Don’t forget to leave comments on questions that you get wrong and need extra help with, and retake tasks where you realise where you went wrong to get your score up.


Later in the week we will set around 20 tasks for you to use as revision over the Summer holiday – these should be attempted a few per week so that they are done by the time we return in September. This is all part of making sure we have not got any gaps after the school closure so please take it seriously and complete it well.


Don’t forget that you can do additional revision on top of the work that is set – search for topics, or use the “Next Task” buttons to work beyond the topics set if you have found them straight-forward









Biology – continue to revise B2 Organisation by revisiting the blood and coronary heart disease. All resources and tasks will be emailed on Monday.

Physics and Chemistry – students will be provided with instruction for expectations for the summer.


Biology – continue to revise B2 Organisation by revisiting the heart, blood vessels and how to control heart rate. All resources and tasks will be emailed on Monday.

Physics and Chemistry – students will be provided with instruction for expectations for the summer.


Biology – continue to revise B1 by revising mitosis and the cell cycle. All resources and tasks will be emailed on Monday.

Physics and Chemistry – students will be provided with instruction for expectations for the summer.


Continuing with past papers (biology, chemistry and physics). Email Miss Hand or Mr Martin if you need any help.

Continuing with past papers (biology, chemistry and physics). Email Miss Hand or Mr Martin if you need any help.


Complete the P3 and P4 revision assignment on Seneca.

DMA – Making sure you have all accessed and completed a task on Seneca. Then setting work to last over the summer.

Details to be sent out by Monday.

Computer Science

Work for this week will be live on Teams Monday morning at 10.30am.


Thanks again to those students who have been completing the assignments set each week. Please can those who have not completed last week’s assignment on Memory and Storage yet, do so by the end of next week. This week’s assignment will focus on Hardware and Software.


Year 10 Enterprise WK Comm 13th July   


As for previous weeks, all work will be set on MS Teams. Instructions will be provided via email on the Monday before each week.  Our next short term focus will be on Pass 4 and Pass 5 how a business is affected by the economy.  Materials to completed these passes are available via the Team ‘Files’ tab. 


Please check the examples and Component 1 Assignment brief regularly to check how you should approach the tasks. Once completed have a look at Merit 1 and then log on to Nearpod and begin the revision for your next task. Click the link to access it

which is about trade between nations, manufacturing and how the effect on supply and demand, and how that affects the enterprises you are planning for your coursework. Please post any questions to the General Team channel with regards to the work or message Mr Turner directly.




  • This half-term we have been working on Theme 3, Module 6.
  • You will be working from the Module 6 Powerpoint and the online version of the text book.
  • You can turn in or email your work.
  • Go to Teams to find complete instructions for this week’s assignment, dated Monday 13th July.


Complete the tasks assigned on Doddle. Tasks are on inner city and urban regeneration. Read through the information and complete mini quizzes.

Most important of all is to ensure you fully understand all the tasks set on Rivers. Given how when you return in September you need to keep up to date with your subject knowledge of all the topics from year 9 and 10. Via emails you will all receive Knowledge Organisers for all your GCSE topics. These can also be found in TEAMS on your class folder. PLEASE READ AND RE READ THROUGH THESE EXCELLENT SOURCES OF INFORMATION. They give you an excellent base of the knowledge for each topic. I would recommend making revision notes/cards/mind maps from them. They are a base and as such you can develop the information from them further through the use of the websites recommended throughout the year –, BBC Bitesize and Planet Lacey: Geography Revision (a YOUTUBE CHANNEL).


Food & Nutrition

International cuisine


Find out about the following countries and their traditional cuisine. Spain, what types of traditional foods are made/eaten in Spain?  Is Spanish cuisine healthy or unhealthy?  Give reasons for your answers.  Look at the foods grown, caught and reared in Spain and make a mind map to show these foods and the dishes they are used in.  Look at sweet dishes as well as savoury.  Add pictures of foods/dishes made in Spain. 

Japan, what types of foods are made/eaten in Japan?  Are these dishes healthy or unhealthy?  Give reasons for your answers.  Look at the foods grown, caught and reared in Japan and make a mind map the show these foods and the dishes they are used in.  Look at both sweet and savoury dishes.  Add pictures of the dishes/foods made in Japan.

How are these dishes served and eaten?  What methods of cooking are used in these countries?  Are there herbs and spices added to any of the dishes and, if so, what are they?  Add to your mind maps.  Are there any special pieces of equipment used to cook foods from Spain or Japan.


AQA 9-1 History GCSE



To prepare for the start of Year 11 please use the knowledge organisers, SENECA and Quizlet to learn the key information for Conflict and Tension: The Interwar Years – Peace making. Your teacher will email and put on TEAMS assignment the resources and links to the websites. You need to learn the key names, dates and facts off by heart. In September we will start with a knowledge test and then start to think analytically about the topic.


Even better if:

You will also be sent a copy of the knowledge organisers for Health and the People and America 1918-1973. Go over these and make revision resources ready for Year 11. You will be sent a film list – it has lots of suggestions for films that you might want to watch over the summer that will help to develop your understanding of America in the 20th Century. Have a look at the list and the description of the films and watch a few of them.


Take care and keep safe over the summer holidays. We are really looking forward to seeing you and working with you in September.


You will be emailed a summary of exam questions that we have looked at so far as part of home learning. You should use this as a checklist and make sure that you have provided answers for each. You should also work on any feedback and improvements. The important thing is to have a go. Don’t forget to email your exam answers to me so that I can help, even if you haven't quite finished or if your 12 mark answers are in a plan form and you need help to structure it. I can only help if you send me your work. All the work so far is saved in our Teams folder. Email me if you have any problems.


Detailed work will be set by email on Office 365 and if possible, students should respond to the teacher’s email to let them know they have completed the work.


MAIN TASK: Summer Project for ‘Art and Words’ - all information has been sent by email.


Other tasks: Continue your work on the ‘Life in Lockdown’ mini project, including:


  • grid portraits from your own photos
  • artist analysis page
  • working in the style of your chosen artist to complete further portraits
  • annotation of your work
  • presenting your work neatly in your sketchbook


This project will not continue into Year 11 and therefore must be completed/concluded before September.


If you need any help or advice, please email me.


Mr Sharples



Coursework – 1st priority

1) This week / over the summerDesign Ideas pages. In teams and sent out via email there is a ppt explaining what to do for your design idea pages. These account for 20% of your coursework marks so are well worth spending time on. Remember to check with me what your theme is before spending too much time on these (via email please  )

2) Catch up with previous coursework pages including 1) mind maps 2) visual mind map 3) Investigating Design Possibilities 4) The work of Others

Explanations for all these can be found in Teams – or if needed I can email them to you again with further advice.

Theory – Important but 2nd priority to coursework

Three suggested sources if you can keep up with a little theory work / revision.

A) As always, in teams ‘Class Materials’ there are all the ppt’s worksheets and answers

B) SENECA is great, interactive and a very good learning tool

C) BBC Bitesize – good basic knowledge.



This is your final week of Year 10 Graphics! Well done for all of your hard work this year! However, it’s important that you continue to progress with your coursework project this week and over the summer, alongside your theory work. So work for this week and over the summer is as follows:



2) Complete a page called ‘The work of Others’ where you will look at products (that relate to your project) made by other designers and analyse them. You will need to look at visual styles as well as the products themselves, in the context of your project. This information will be used to help formulate your own ideas.

3) Create a series of initial sketches on A4 paper. These might include ideas for the product you will make, ideas for a visual style or branding or even (if it’s possible at home) ‘experiments’ or models that relate to a part of your project. Your work should be completed on sheets of A4 paper that can be photographed and arranged onto a Ppt slide for your coursework.



1) Work through Unit 6 of the PG Online resources. You will find these on Teams in the ‘Design Technology – GCSE' team. Or you can use this link. This unit needs to be covered anyway but I’m asking you to look through it now as it will be really useful for your coursework task. Please download and fill out all (or as many as you possibly can) of the worksheets and have them ready to print out and add to revision folders when we return in September.


If you have any issues with any of this work, this week or throughout the summer, please contact Mr Cassidy via email.

 Health & Social Care

Component 2 Learning Aim B

So far we have

  • Planned an arts and crafts activity and explained how the care values would be met for each individual
  • Planned an activity to help and elderly person and explained how the care values would be met for the individual

Thinking about our sessions last week and continuing with last week’s work you need to plan a party with a group of young adults with learning disabilities (Scenario 3 in your pack).

I have emailed further instructions on how to complete this task



  1. Ensure that you have caught up with all of the work set over the lockdown period.
  2. Careers in Psychology - Watch the video clips and complete the tasks set on Teams.


Unit 1: Unlocking Creativity


Choose from one of the following stimuli (theme):


Growing Pains




I want to know how you would create a whole production for one of these themes.  You must tell me in a creative way:

  • Where the production will be held
  • What costumes will be worn.
  • Hair and make-up ideas.
  • Set design ideas.
  • The general overview of what the production will be like eg Music, Dance, Acting, Musical Theatre.  These can also be combined.
  • How much will it cost to put on your show.


Practical Element

You must include a practical example or extract of something that will be in the production but you will have to do this alone.  This could be a dance, a monologue or an explanation of a set design that you have made.  You must film yourself and you must email it to me.


DEADLINE: Thursday 16th July



It was lovely to see so many of you this week.

Please continue with the work we started on Levers. 

All resources and instructions will be available in Teams from Monday


Any problems, please let me know.


RO51 Revision. I have uploaded the PowerPoint which has the main details of each lesson we have covered on the exam content to teams and I have emailed it to each of you. Please read throughthe rest of the powerpoint as over all revision, make notes and send me a picture of the notes you have written-these can be in any format you wish (hand written on paper, mind maps, typed, in your books - whatever you prefer). You have completed the tasks already in class. If there any that you still think you need to work on please repeat the task and send me evidence. Mrs Eastham


Mr Moore set you assignment work to be working on a number of weeks ago. If you are not up to date with this, please complete it and upload it. You can find previous week’s work on the website and emailed to you. Any problems please send either of us an email.



A close up of a logo

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Lesson code: EPMHJ

Complete your end of unit assessment on Nearpod.

You should go to on your computer or download the ‘Nearpod’ app on your smart device. When prompted, enter the code ‘EPMHJ to complete the interactive lesson ‘B6 – Assessment’. Enter your full name (and class) so your teacher knows you have completed it.

It is very important that you complete this end of unit assessment. I will award ClassCharts points for good effort.

If students or parents have any questions, they should contact Mr Moorcroft via email ( or I am available throughout the school day on Teams.



Explore: Research the game of Tchoukball. Within this game, shooting is a critical skill. Find a ball that bounces. Stand opposite a wall. How many different ways can you throw the ball against a wall? Can you get the ball to rebound so you don’t have to move. Try throwing the ball with your right hand, your left hand, an underarm throw, an overarm throw, two hands, one hand and a bouncing throw. Which throw gives you the most power and accuracy? Now take three steps back and take three steps before you release the ball. Try jumping before you release the ball, and can you hit the same spot? 


Practice: You will need a family member. Get your family member to throw the ball against a wall, can you catch it before it hits the floor? Swap roles with your family member. How many catches can you make in 1 minute? In this sport, you are allowed three steps before you release the ball. This time repeat the drill but take three steps before you release the ball. Was their more power in your throw?


Develop: Place two boxes either side of you. In this sport, you need to throw the ball at a trampoline like frame and make sure the ball hits the floor before an opponent can catch it. Can you practice your technique and get the ball to land in the box? What kind of throw will you use to increase power, and if it was a trampoline frame? Ensure that the ball hit the floor afterwards. Challenge a family member, how many times can you get the ball into the box compared to them?