Mr Sharples, Head of Art, says "These self-portraits were completed by three of my Year 10 students at home during lockdown. They are by Gemma R, Archie O, and Presley D. Presley's is particularly impressive and one of the best I have seen of any student in recent years. "




Mr Sharples, Head of Art, says "Freya C in Year 9 has created a brilliant piece of artwork for her Entomology project in Art during lockdown. It’s an observational drawing of an ant, from an image taken under an electron microscope."


Mr Gardner, 2nd in English, says "I wanted to draw attention to Kayla Wright in year 7. In about ten minutes, she produced this drawing to represent the idea of things being other than that which they seem in Macbeth, particularly in the character of Lady Macbeth. I thought it was rather impressive! The quotation should be "Look like the innocent flower but be the serpent under it"."

Great work....!

Mrs Murray in Music would like to celebrate the work of lots of very talented and hard working students....