5 June 2022

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So, we are entering our final half-term of the year.  Students are underway with final examinations. School leaders begin to evaluate systems and actions from the previous year to inform planning for the next academic year.  Every effective teacher will begin to evaluate their own practice within the classroom.  Cast your mind back over the Walkthrus that we have covered this year – which of these are your winners?

Walkthru Cluster and School Focus – Behaviour and Relationships

6th September: Establish your expectations

13th September: Signal, Pause, Insist

20th September: Sherrington’s Visit

27th September: Choices and Consequences

Walkthru Cluster and School Focus – Questioning and Feedback

4th October: Cold Calling

11th October: Show-me Boards

18th October: Say it Again Better

1st November: Process Questions

8th November: Feedback that Moves Forward

15th November: Think-Pair-Share

22nd November: Check for Understanding

29th November: Probing Questions

8th December: Whole-class Feedback

Walkthru Cluster and School Focus – Explaining and Modelling

4th January: Deliberate Vocabulary Development

10th January: Worked Examples

17th January: Dual Coding

24th January: whole-school CPD workshops

31st January: Worked Examples

8th February: Scaffolding

21st February: Scaffolding

7th March: Metacognitive Talk

14th March: Setting the Standards

21st March: Head on Misconceptions

Walkthru Cluster and School Focus – Oracy and Writing

19th April: Mode B Teaching: Collaborative Talk

26th April: Collaborative Learning – General Principles

3rd May: Mode B Teaching: Instructional Inputs

10th May: Independent Learning – Pre-Reading

17th May: Debating


So, this is what we have covered so far this year. It goes without saying that some Walkthrus will have slotted into your practice more easily than others.  However, isn’t it also the case that it is worth spending the time ensuring that those approaches outside of our comfort zone are worth trying precisely because they are outside of our comfort zone? These approaches are evidence-based tried and tested approaches, after all.


This half-term, evaluate, reflect, hone, sharpen and create your own Walthrus Toolkit. Which Walkthrus are now an established part of your practice and which are not but are worth spending the time embedding?


CPD Cascade

‘Get Ahead’ CPD Programme

Remember to complete the CPD activities in time for September.  They are saved in The National College as part of your watch list.


National College

Remember that there are subject-specific watchlists available in National College. Some staff still haven’t accessed.  Please see RLO urgently if you cannot access

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