14 April 2022

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When working in schools, it is often convenient to think of focuses or priorities in terms of half-terms or terms.  However, making change happen is never so clear-cut.  This artificial ‘chunking’ of time forces the school calendar to determine how well an approach is embedded and therefore how effectively a priority is addressed. I view our overall pedagogical focuses as a school (i.e. our Toolkit or how we teach), as tectonic plates adapting and shifting following feedback from students and subject content pedagogy selected by teachers (i.e. how we teach certain subjects to certain students).  This week’s ‘Teaching and Learning Digest’ is a little different as I would just like a few minutes to outline the direction of travel for this term.  


Over the last few years, we have tried to adopt an approach of looking backwards and forwards in terms of embedding approaches and strategies.  Looking back, we have introduced the Reading Warriors approach; we have then continued to work on this at various intervals over the last 18 months. In spring, we also started to move the focus onto improving writing.  This is at an early stage and will continue to gain momentum in the coming weeks. Linked to these skills-based focuses, we have offered CPD with a SEND perspective to ensure that all students can access all of the curriculum.


As we move into the summer term, many of us will – quite rightly – focus our attention to our Year 11s who will need help and support to tackle their terminal examinations.  At this point, our Toolkit and all of the CPD focuses should really be at the forefront of our minds as it is the HOW we teach that really will make the difference to these students. This is the time to make use of the strategies that are working and that are helping our students. If we are completing a reading task, use a Reading Warriors approach/question/resource; if we are questioning, use a tried and tested Walkthru explored in the Autumn Term (all departments selected two to embed); if you are in an instructional coaching triad, select a Walkthru that worked and use it again. These focuses are focuses for a reason; they are evidence-informed tried and tested approaches. Gamechangers.  Take the time in the coming weeks to apply the strategies that you have learnt this year. 


This is the time to dig deep and to draw upon your own ‘toolkits’ putting your own professional development into practice.


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