19 March 2020

Dear Parent/Carer of Year 11

Year 11 Leaving

Under these strange circumstances it is highly likely that tomorrow will be Year 11's last day in school.  We feel strongly that it is very important to celebrate their time at WLD so we are organising a short-notice celebration tomorrow afternoon.  We fully recognise that students who are unwell or are in isolation cannot attend, but we felt that it was important that those who are here should mark the physical end of their time at their school.  We are organising a celebration assembly beginning just after 1pm followed by a buffet and music.  We have also booked a photobooth so that students can take photographs with their friends. Students should bring in an additional shirt if they wish to get their shirts signed following the usual tradition! I hope that as many as Year 11s as possible will be in school tomorrow and we sympathise and remember those who are unable to be with us for whatever reason.

When I spoke to Year 11 this morning I said that we do not yet know how the GCSE qualifications will be assessed, but that we, as a school, would do everything in our power to support them in moving on to the next stage of their lives.  I said that all the learning that they had been doing was invaluable and that they must continue to study using all the resources that they have been given. I assured them that we would update them as soon as we knew any firm details of the arrangements for their GCSEs.  The vocational qualifications are mainly complete so it is clearly a priority to make sure that all the coursework for these is finished off in the appropriate time. Although they will not physically be in school their teachers will continue to set them work and communicate with them using the school email system.

This is a very uncertain time and unsettling and upsetting for our Year 11s in particular.  Every single member of staff wishes to support them in whatever way possible so please get in touch with us if there are ways in which we can assist your son or daughter.

With best wishes,

James Harris


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