18 March 2020

To all parents, carers, staff and students of Walton-le-Dale

School Closure announcement

As you will probably have seen, the government has announced the closure of all schools in England from Monday.  They have also announced the cancellation of GCSE examinations.

These announcements will cause considerable and understandable concern and a very large number of questions.  At the moment we only know what the government has said - see the news item here.  I am collaborating with local and national groups of headteachers to work out the implications of the decisions made today.  It is a very difficult and challenging time for all of us, but we must accept that the decisions being made reflect the seriousness of the crisis in which we find ourselves.

I will post all information that I receive on the school's website - on our Coronavirus page - and I will speak to all of Year 11 in particular tomorrow as they are the ones most seriously affected. 

Please follow all the NHS and government advice to help keep your families, and those you care for, safe.  

With very best wishes

James Harris


Posted by James Harris

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