30th SEPTEMBER 2019                           WoW: respectful


Communication Focuses





  • Reading widely
  • Reading for pleasure
  • Spelling of subject-specific vocabulary
  • Use of WAGOLLs to model/scaffold (visualisers, mini-whiteboards)
  • Purposeful and structured communication with others




Teaching and Learning Priorities


Climate for learning– students will be enthused by their learning and will be focused, absorbed and attentive (DMC).


Vocabulary – the words that we use and expect the students to be able to use in context, to succeed in their lives beyond Walton le Dale High School (ACH).


Purposeful Interactions by all – if students are communicating, it must be purposeful allow their needs to be met.  Interactions should enhance the learning of ALL students at ALL times (CRO).


This Week:

  • The thought for the week this week is ‘Online Safety’.  Assemblies will be led by DTU (Mon-Thurs) and JSC (Friday).
  • Basics, Basics, Basics – remember that uniform is mentioned twice on our basics.  If we all work together to get it right, we will crack this one.
  • NQTs – Meetings will continue this week: JMJ – Tuesday period 3; RHU – Tuesday period 4; both in RLO’s office
  • New Staff (incl. JGA) and NQTs – induction CPD Thursday 3rd October in conference room: RLO to discuss teaching and learning priorities.
  • This week is OPEN DOOR WEEK!  The staff CPD questionnaire last summer revealed that this was deemed an invaluable part of CPD.  Please put aside 15 minutes (or as much time as you can spare) and go and see one of your colleagues in action.  If you are seen or ‘dropped in on’, please take a raffle ticket from the staffroom.  There will be a raffle at the end of the week!