Mr J Harris                          

Deputy Headteacher         

Mrs L Laverty    

Assistant Headteachers 

Mrs A Snape (SENCo)   

Mrs R Long

Mrs J Withers   

Mrs P Wall                         

School Manager           

Mrs S Hinchliffe

School Business Manager   

Mrs S Eckersley

Progress Coordinators     

Year 7                Miss H Eastham

Blue Section       Mrs L Cox

Indigo Section     Mrs L Shaw

Red Section        Mrs D McClelland

Yellow Section    Miss L Adams

Pastoral support           

Blue and Indigo Sections     Mrs L Nicholson

Red and Yellow Sections     Mrs S Walmsley


Teaching Staff

Faculty, Subject, Responsibility

Miss L Adams (Ad)

Physical Education

Miss S Allen English

Ms H Rowe 

Modern Foreign Languages

Mr D Cairns (Ci)

Mathematics and ICT - Mathematics

Miss S Cairns (Cs)

Performance: Art

Miss A Christian (Cn)

Communications: English : Head of English

Mr L Christie (Cr)

Mathematics and ICT: Information & Communications Technology /  Media Studies

Mrs V Connolly (Co)

Human Studies: Religious Educations 

Mrs J Elliott (El)

Communications : English

Mr J Fidder (Fd) Mathematics & ICT:  Mathematics:  Head of Maths

Mr B Golden (Gd)

Science and Technology – Science

Miss E Hand 

Science and Technology – Science

Mrs P Heywood-Connor (Hc)

Performance : Drama / Performing Arts: Director of Performance Faculty

Ms K Hughes (Hs)

Human Studies : Humanities / Opening Minds : Year Team Leader Opening Minds

Mr B Hull (Hl)

Science and Technology : Technology : Head of Technology

Ms S Hunt (Hn)

Performance : Music

Mrs R Holden (Hd)

Communications : Head of MFL

Ms H Kelly

Mathematics and ICT: Maths

Mrs L Lo (Ll)

Human Studies : Humanities

Mr A Lyons

Mathematics and ICT: Second in Maths

Mr D Martin (Mn)

Science and Technology : Science

Ms J Mayor (My)

Human Studies : Opening Minds: Team Leader Opening Minds

Mrs D McClelland (Mc)

Science and Technology : Science : Progress Co-ordinator

Mr A McCann (Am)

Communications: English

Miss K McPartlan (Mp)

Mathematics and ICT: Mathematics

Mr J G Moore (Mo)

Performance : Physical Education : Head of Physical Education / 2nd in Performance Faculty

Ms M Richardson (Rs)

Mathematics and ICT: ICT

Mrs A Ritson (Rt)

Science and Technology: Technology : Art

Mrs S Rigby (Ri)

Communications : English

Mrs C Rowson (Rw)

Communications: Languages and Opening Minds

Ms S Sharples

Maths; English; Intervention

Mrs L Shaw (Sh)

Science and Technology: Food Technology: Progress Co-ordinator

Mrs J Schultz (Sz)

Science and Technology Faculty : Science: Director of Science and Technology Faculty

Mrs S Smith-Sergeant (Sm)

Human Studies:Humanities

Mrs R Sweeney (Sw)

Performance : Physical Education

Mr D Turner (Tu)

Mathematics and ICT : ICT / Media / Business : Head of Information and Communications Technology

Miss A Thorpe (Tp)

Performance: Dance and Drama

Mrs E Cox (Wk)

Communications: English

Mrs P Wall (Wl)

Human Studies : Geography / Health and Social Care : Director of Human Studies Faculty

Miss S Youssouf (Yf)

Mathematics and ICT : Mathematics



Mr R Bham

Asst. Site Supervisor

Mrs M Carrigan

Attendance Manager

Mr A Crook


Mr P Grave

Technology Technician

Mrs D Hall

Catering Manager

Mr G Hardman

Cover Supervisor

Mr S Harvey

ICT Manager

Mrs P Hothersall

School Business Support Officer

Mrs S Hurst

Examinations and Data Officer

Mrs C McClenaghan

Catering Assistant

Mrs L Parker

School Business Support Officer

Mrs G Roberts

School Business Support Officer

Mrs N Robinson

Cover Supervisor

Mrs A Samanaviciene

Cover Supervisor

Mrs L Hodgson

School Business Support Officer

Mr R McPartlin Site Supervisor





Mrs C Armstrong

Learning Assistant

Mrs B Crook

Teaching Assistant

Miss H Eastham

Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Redmayne

Teaching Assistant

Mrs N Ellery

Learning Assistant

Mrs S Mathers

Higher Learning Assistant/Careers Co-ordinator and Work Experience Co-ordinator.

Mrs L Nicholson

Teaching Assistant/Pastoral support

Miss L Scargill

Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Walmsley

Teaching Assistant/Pastoral support

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