Provision during the Coronavirus pandemic

Our key priorities are

•         Health, safety and wellbeing of students, families and staff;
•         Provision of appropriate teaching and learning for all our students;
•         Learning, pastoral and safeguarding support for students and their families 

Throughout this crisis we have sought to communicate clearly with staff, parents & carers, students and the wider community so that, under difficult circumstances, the community of WLD are all aware of what is going on.  Communication is vital.  Our updates to parents and carers can all be found here - they were daily during lockdown and are now weekly.  Work was emailed to students, parents and carers each week during lockdown and we are now working on a "blended learning" approach so that all students can access their learning if they are not in school for any reason.

You will find detailed information about our provision for remote learning on our Remote Learning page.

Further information